by Reasons

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released October 27, 2015



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Reasons New York

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Track Name: i burn koolaid
hold your head up to the sky take a walk prosper
steadfast your still strong spread your wings you can take off
sing aloud those coveted thoughts for what they are worth
spit at those horned rimmed glasses for taking your soul

slow down why are you so useless?
Take all of our money.
kill one
more fucking person
all of my friends
and family

i'm dead on the inside. I can't feel a thing
Track Name: hey sadness
Hey sadness nice to see you
i's been a few weeks, but you always come through

where have you beeeeen
all the cracks in my windows but you won't shine through

well that's okay, i don't care if you don't come back, cuz we'll all be chillin listening to the same old crap...

I got a hole in my chest, wanna feel it?
all emotions repressed from cheek to cheek

I got ice in my hand and it won't melt
cuz i'm so cold and you can't tell
Track Name: nothing more (acoustic)
I like to say what's on my mind sometimes it makes me feel good
when people ask I say that I am fine but mostly sick otherwise
I don't care if you like me or hate me, but i'm certainly sure that you won't date me
or take a bullet for me... even think of me...

love is a funny word, so why are you so serious?
god is a funny thing so why do you believe in him?

and I hate to say this but I know it's true all the time I spend with you is extra ordinary, i wish it could be plenty
i hate to say this but I hate your face from those beautiful eyes that make me insane
you're my serenity...

there's nothing more i'd like to do than spend and afternoon with you

there's nothing more i'd like to say than that i love you babe.